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Reading the latest Whatsapp messages using python and pyautogui

Reading the latest Whatsapp messages using python and pyautogui

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Tiago Rangel de Sousa
·Sep 22, 2022·

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This post was originaly posted on my medium


Hi everyone! I had built this some time ago this code and now I want to share it with everyone. My idea was to open WhatsApp, select the phone number, and read the messages, but then I needed to do this:

  • Open WhatsApp using WhatsApp's web protocol

  • Wait 10 seconds

  • Focus on WhatsApp's window

  • Drag the cursor to select the latest messages (unfortunatly, can't use ctrl+a to select everything)

  • Copy everything

  • Get the clipboard’s content

In the full code, the coordinates below may not be correct in your case, so remember to update them:

import pyautogui  
import time  

But first, you need to install the pyautogui (for automating) and the webbrowser (to open whatsapp) libraries:

$ pip3 install webbrowser  
$ pip3 install pyautogui

The code

Finally, here’s the full code:

import webbrowser
import pyautogui
import time
import pyperclip
phone = pyautogui.prompt('Telephone number')
webbrowser.open("whatsapp://send?phone=" + phone)
pyautogui.click(1803, 916)
pyautogui.dragTo(587, 127, 0.2, button='left')
pyautogui.hotkey('ctrl', 'c')
ret = pyperclip.paste()
pyautogui.alert(ret, "results")
print("\n\n*******************\n\n" + ret + "\n\n")
pyautogui.click(1900, 4)

Thank you for reading!