Claude 3 is so good and it's kinda scary

Claude 3 is so good and it's kinda scary


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Some time ago Anthropic released their latest version of Claude, "Claude 3". And honestly, it's very impressive. I tried it for coding, and it's just fantastic, even the free version is, in my experience, way better than most other models. If you look at their benchmarks, it's pretty amazing:

Claude 3 benchmarks

Here are the vision capabilities benchmarks:

It does not score the best here, but it's pretty good!

Clarification: Claude 3 is a family of models โ€” Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku. Opus is available commercially for $20/month and Sonnet is free.

Another impressive thing is its context window:

I have also read some stuff about Claude being apparently "self-aware", and just like Microsoft's Sydney it didn't want to be shut down. Asking Claude 3 directly revealed nothing, but we still need to wait.