Trying out Brave

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Trying out Brave

My experience with Brave after trying it out for the first time


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I love Firefox. But because it's not based on Chromium, it doesn't have Chrome extensions, the latest Chrome features, etc. My difficulty was mainly the lack of available extensions on their official Addons store, so I decided I needed a Chromium browser.

Chrome was not an option, so I decided to go with Brave browser.

Using Brave browser

I went to the Brave website and installed the browser, but at first, I wasn't happy about it. All the web3 crypto nonsense, ads when it's made for privacy, the useless "Talk" feature that is basically a Jitsi Meet wrapper, and other annoying stuff.

The "import from browser" feature and the setup were quite default. Some things I didn't like were, for example, how chrome-like it was. Also, there were no options to remove the built-in VPN (as I have my own, Proton VPN - I'll maybe make an article on it later).

I immediately noticed that it had a "Private browser with Tor" feature, which I thought was a great idea, because why have a separate browser for Tor when you can have it on your normal browser? (edit: after trying it, I noticed it was extremely slow and didn't load CSS for some pages)

I wish there was more personalization, and that the browser wasn't so much dedicated to Crypto - you have an icon in the toolbar about it, a button in the options menu, 3 entire huge sections about it on the settings, and some default options about it that I don't like.


I have decided to stick with Firefox as my main browser, and use Brave for other stuff.

Stay tuned for more articles about interesting stuff!